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The second of two "Paper Mans", this short stop motion animation was presented at the 2012 Ottawa International Animation Festival. There were about 390 cutouts and over 1200 pictures in order to create this short stop motion film.


The cannon is an iconic symbol for the University of Guelph. It is painted by students, clubs, faculty and other members of the university almost every night. Painting is in high demand, as students have been known to guard the cannon in -25 degree weather just so that their colours are shown the following morning. Over 100 cannon pictures were taken throughout the school year in order to create this video. 


One of five high school animations to be shown from around the world, "Paper Man" was a hit at the 2011 Ottawa International Animation Festival. This video also won gold in the amateur category at Spain's SIGMAD festival. This stop motion video needed hundreds of cutouts and thousands of pictures in order to create. 

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