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As the Canadian federal election was underway in 2015, certain issues relating to women's rights were not being discussed. Oxfam's 'Up for Debate' campaign was a nation-wide movement for gender justice and equality, and a call for all political parties to make meaningful commitments to change women’s lives for the better. 

The cannon is an iconic symbol for the University of Guelph. It is painted by students, clubs, faculty and other members of the university almost every night of the year. Painting is in high demand, as students have been known to guard the cannon in -25 degree weather just so that their colours are shown the following morning. Cannon Chroma gives just a glimpse of the cannon's many shades, and certainly shows the diverse interests on campus. In total, over 100 cannon pictures were taken throughout the school year in order to create this video. 


Practical Farmers of Ontario (PFO) is an organization that promotes family farms and consumers who wish to support family farms in Ontario. Joel Salatin, an american farmer, lecturer, and author, was hosted by PFO in the fall of 2014. He spoke about innovative, unconventional, and practical ways that farmers can succeed in local food systems and continue with the small-scale family approach. 


Although primary school is free in Kenya, many children do not attend school because they do not have enough food to eat at home, they are unhealthy, and/or they live in poor socio-economic conditions, among other challenges. The Bwaliro village in Western Kenya is not immune to these challenges, and this has resulted in a situation of impoverishment within the community. To address the issue of both child attendance and malnourishment, there has been a school-feeding and agroforestry program set up at the local Bwaliro Primary School.

The Bwaliro Project


The Global Development Symposium (GDS 2014) was hosted by the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. This conference underscored the critical links between human and animal health. Over 200 participants from various backgrounds came together to discuss interdisciplinary approaches to improve public health, food and water security, and community empowerment. 

This video was created after a trip on the Canada Israel Experience. It captures some incredible landscapes and wonders that the Middle Eastern country holds. The mix of video edits and music synchronization adds to an exciting sneak peek for both the trip and the country. ​

The second of two "Paper Mans", this short stop motion animation was presented at the 2012 Ottawa International Animation Festival. There were about  390 cutouts and over 1200 pictures in order to create this short stop motion film.

Preparing for the Ottawa city council elections in October, 2014, Mr. Nussbaum wanted a promotional video for his campaign. The multimedia work was a success, as was his campaign, and Tobi became the new Rideau-Rockcliff representative for the Captial's city council. 





One of five high school animations to be shown from around the world, "Paper Man" was a hit at the 2011 Ottawa International Animation Festival. This video also won gold in the amateur category at Spain's SIGMAD festival. This stop motion video needed hundreds of cutouts and thousands of pictures in order to create. 


"Filling Stomachs Filling Minds" is an awareness video created for the charity organization called Children of Bukati. The goal behind this video is that it will give students at the University of Guelph an idea of the food insecurity that children in Kenya are faced with.  


This video was made for Glebe's Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario drive of 2012. It gives the basic context of the kinds of health issues that many children in Ontario are faced with, and inspired Glebe Collegiate Institute students to fundraise money for the hospital. 

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